52: Game Change (8/1/2016)

It’s hard to remember, given that we’re in the middle of the most insane election season the country has ever seen, but this isn’t the first time a presidential campaign has had its share of crazy. Eight years ago, when President Barrack Obama was first making his run at the White House, things were pretty newsworthy as well. Obama, the first African-American to lead a major party ticket, was battling Hillary Clinton, the first woman to lead a major party ticket, for the Democrat nomination. What’s more, Sen. John Edwards was fighting for that same prize — until he was politically ruined by a sex scandal.

39: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (1/11/2016)

Out of Theaters shifts gears this week and reviews a movie that’s in theaters now. You may have read reviews of The Force Awakens by Will Pfeifer and me. Or you may think reading is for chumps. If that’s the case then here’s the review that requires absolutely no reading.