We Missed You Most of All

I’m very excited to announce season two of the Out of Theaters podcast. Our new season kicks off July 25 with The Godfather. With a new season comes a major announcement: Kevin Haas no longer will be with the show. Kevin is leaving on extremely amicable terms. This isn’t a coup or anything. Kevin is […]

Review: You’ve already seen “The Force Awakens,” even before it hit theaters

Editor’s note: This review contains mild spoilers. The irony about the obsession with a spoiler-free review of “The Force Awakens” is that you’ve already seen the movie. This is probably literally true given the movie’s opening weekend box office records, and figuratively true given The Force’s reliance on recreating images and story lines from the […]

Hellzapoppin Dance Scene

This is the dance scene Will references in episode 01 of the podcast. He called it the greatest dance scene of all time, and he might be right. Holy cow.

As a 30-something with a bad back and no dance moves, I can’t even comprehend filming this. It hurts my knees just watching it.