We Missed You Most of All

I’m very excited to announce season two of the Out of Theaters podcast. Our new season kicks off July 25 with The Godfather.

With a new season comes a major announcement: Kevin Haas no longer will be with the show.

Kevin is leaving on extremely amicable terms. This isn’t a coup or anything. Kevin is a successful full-time journalist and a rising stand-up comedian. Squeezing in podcast hosting duties and a half dozen classic films into his schedule each month is no longer viable, so he graciously offered to bow out.

Going forward, Will Pfeifer and I are going to host the show as a two-man team with occasional guests. Our goal is to produce a limited run of episodes to avoid burnout and over-saturation. We’re planning on recording a minimum of 16 podcasts over 16 weeks before taking another break to reassess. We may tack a few more episodes on there, but we promise we won’t do fewer than that.

It’s been four months since we last recorded an episode of Out of Theaters. The journey back has been complex. In March of 2015 — our last episodes — I desperately wanted to quit the podcast. My grievances were long. My enthusiasm ran short.

While producing the weekly show isn’t necessarily a full-time job, it most certainly is and was a part-time job. And for me — with a two-year-old son and an eight-months-pregnant wife at the time — my time commitments came at a premium. Recording and producing an episode of Out of Theaters could sometimes stretch over three or four nights. Even finding the movie sometimes was trouble.

And then I’d have to watch the damn thing.

We did 50 (!) episodes in 50 consecutive weeks that first year — which, by the way, we’re retroactively calling season one. We were going for 52, but my second son was born before we could cross the finish line.

I’ve had a lot of time to recoup and recover in the time since. Also, my son figured out how to sleep through the night. To his credit, Will asked me about picking the show back up almost weekly after we stopped. I discussed the idea with Kevin in June, but it soon became clear that he wouldn’t be able to commit the time to the show. That’s when Will and I began making plans.

We can’t thank our listeners enough for all of the kind Facebook and Twitter messages we’ve received. When you aren’t telling me I suck for hating Raiders of the Lost Ark, you guys are the best.

At the time of this writing, Will and I have sketched out the first three episodes of the new season. Two have already been recorded. We don’t have any concrete ideas beyond the first month, so please submit some ideas to our #ootwatchlist hash tag on Twitter, courtesy of friend of the show Mika Doyle.

Thank you for your patience and for your continued interest. We really have missed you all most of all.